Welcome to the McCarrin Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center

new patients welcome Media, PA
It is our pleasure to have you as a new patient. We only accept patients that we truly feel that we can help. We won’t waste your time or your money. If you don’t have a case that natural methods can help then we will refer you to a doctor that can help you. Traditional Medical treatment is more expensive and more time consuming. So if we have determined that you have a chiropractic case, this is good news that your case is one we can help with.

Remember chemical problems respond best to chemical solutions and physical problems respond best to physical solutions. So have your physical problem evaluated today while there’s still a chance natural non-surgical treatment can help.

To help minimize waiting, please download the following forms, fill them out and bring them to your office visit:


We accept all insurances.

We have been accepting coverage for over 37+ years, including: Blue Cross, Aetna, Medicare, High Mark, Blue Shield, workers’ comp and auto claims.

No insurance? We have affordable payment plans so you can get the care that you need.